Piscess love match horoscope


And your Ram can have a positive effect on you, too. If things are going to work between you two, your Ram will have to guide -- not bully -- you. This relationship has serious long-term potential, and will bring you both a great deal of physical and emotional enjoyment.

Pisces Love Horoscope

You have a lot in common with a Gemini. You both move frequently and may have many friends, relationships, and jobs over the course of a lifetime. Crabs and Pisces are both Water signs, and you have no problem sharing the same pond. Together, you are comfortable sharing your feelings and showing each other -- as well as all your friends and family -- how much you care for and love them.

You are one of the most compatible couples of the zodiac, willing and eager to share your innermost selves with each other.

Leos and Pisces have very different temperaments. Lions require an almost impossible amount of attention and praise.

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In order for this relationship to work, your Lion will have to learn to give you the quiet time you need without complaining about being starved of attention. A Virgo is eager to organize your life. Initially, you may resist this idea.

sagittarius and pisces Compatibility - The Pros

You both care deeply about others, although you show it in very different ways. Together, you can create a fulfilling life of goodwill and service, both to each other and to the world around you. Libras are Air signs, which means they can be emotionally detached.


For someone who feels so much, this can be hard for you to deal with. A life with a Libra is a life of greater awareness, and possibly even long-term happiness. You are a compassionate and caring Fish. Scorpio also has a great concern for people and the world at large.

Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most (And Least) Compatible With Pisces

Neither likes to dwell on anything and both Sagittarius and Pisces really appreciate that about each other! The Sagittarius and Pisces match is one that has a lot of common ground and shared values. There are however a lot of differences between the Sagittarius and Pisces match that could threaten the relationship. As a Fire Sign, Sagittarius has a lot of energy and is always moving and shaking from one place to the next. Pisces is the exact opposite, and you are more likely to find Pisces in a cave on any given day, than you will find them bar hopping with Sagittarius.

Pisces is also easily wounded, and as forgiving as they are, Sagittarius will find this very draining.

The slower pace of watery Pisces could also put some water on the fire of Sagittarius spirit, which Sagittarius will not at all appreciate. Both of these Mutable Signs are also not known to be the most loyal and commitment worthy signs.

Pisces in love - Horoscope Sign Compatibility - The Love Queen

So both Sagittarius and Pisces are in danger of having a partner with wandering eyes, unless they set boundaries early on. And boundaries, is often the exact opposite of what a Mutable Sign wants.

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One thing that Sagittarius and Pisces have going for them is that they are both Mutable Signs, and thus easygoing by nature. If they decide to come together in love compatibility, it will likely have to be something major that will break them up. Neither Sagittarius nor Pisces needs to dominate, and this creates a happy and harmonious love balance right from the beginning.

They both have big dreams when it comes to sexual intimacy as well, so this pair will never be short of chemistry either. Their best bet for success is when they get on the same page as early as possible with each other, no matter what that page is, and if they can, they will certainly create some sexy steam together, for some time to come.

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