Scorpio 2020 january horoscope

2020 Scorpio Horoscope

During a trip you can meet a person who will become very useful for the job and also a person who will light up your enthusiasm on an erotic level with emotions to experience.

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Mars from June can however bring a lot of nervousness and we must be careful not to fight, especially for economic situations and for family situations. This excessive energy can also create some domestic accident or driving the car, so you have to be very careful without exaggerating because you are still men and you are not invincible.

During the first six months you can find a valid cure for a health problem thanks to a good doctor you can get to know. The optimism grows and can also lead to weight gain and therefore be very careful and not exaggerated with food and alcohol but especially with smoking because the astrological experience teaches that when planets like Jupiter and Saturn are so positive we can relax too. Work and money. Luck and fitness. Aries: this here is not a beautiful configuration and especially the first part of the year is quite negative in the job with few opportunities to gain and success while after June the energies and creativity come back to be important even if the nervousness and the quarrels increase in love.

Taurus: excellent configuration that allows you to live a year full of professional and economic satisfaction with an important and necessary renewal in various areas of your life and also in love.

Scorpio 2020 Horoscope

The first three months are essential to create new professional projects that will lead to success. Gemini: obviously Jupiter and Saturn are not your allies but not even enemies and when a situation like this happens, the best thing to do is to manage life in a calm way without exaggerating and without creating unnecessary sentimental and work complications.

The second part of the year is full of new life energies. Cancer: unfortunately at this moment it is not easy to manage your life and throughout the year it becomes very complicated with Jupiter and Saturn in opposition to the ascendant that cause difficulties even on a sentimental level but above all on a physical level.

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Illusions and traps to avoid. Leo: during these months you must remain calm and above all when Saturn will go in opposition to your sky even if for a short time. It's not a great year on a sentimental and professional level and money can be little in your pocket but Mars from June will bring a lot of creativity and new energy.

Virgo: excellent astrological configuration that allows you to live a really excellent working and sentimental season with many opportunities to meet new people and to conclude agreements and contracts. Fitness improves and you are really full of good energy and optimism.

Libra: on a mental level it could be difficult to return to being efficient and calm after having lived a fairly positive last year.

Now you really have to suffer at work, lose opportunities and live continuous quarrels in love but the wheel will turn even better for you very soon even if from June Mars in opposition disturbs a lot. Scorpio: sky not very interesting and without very favorable news. All these months can run away without any particular events but after June you have to be very careful of your body and health because the energy of Mars can create a lot of nervousness and could be misused.

Sagittarius: excellent sky regarding the second part of the year even if Jupiter and Saturn on this ascendant describe some obstacles to overcome but which can be overcome quite easily. As for the work, many thoughts turned to money but little confidence in yourself. Capricorn: beautiful astral configuration with an ascendant that enhances the Sun and offers great job opportunities, economic, professional but also sentimental with great determination and with so much energy to exploit in love and work.

Only the second part of the year will be less influential and more stressful for you at work. Aquarius: this year starts quite badly due to Mercury, which is particularly complicated to manage and which can cause problems in terms of health and work. Everything you do takes a lot of time and lots of sacrifices and successes are really minimal. Expenses on arrival but also small strokes of luck. Pisces: even this astrological configuration promises very well and in work as well as in love things can improve considerably compared to last year.

Certainly we must progress very slowly without exaggerating with absurd claims but the year can end with great professional opportunities. Today's horoscope. Tomorrow's horoscope. Horoscope of the week in progress. Horoscope of the month in progress. Chinese horoscope for today and tomorrow. Maya horoscope for today and tomorrow. Celtic horoscope for today and tomorrow. Maya horoscope for year.

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Read here horoscope January Scorpio health. The Scorpio January horoscope reveals that your health will be enjoyable until the twentieth of this month. You may develop some minor illnesses such as the flu among others. It is upon you to take care of yourself.

Resting adequately and engaging in exercise will aid in proper blood flow throughout your body. You begin your year in a period of personal independence. But this will not last long. By the 24th the Western, social sector of your chart will start to dominate. So, if there are changes to be made, make them straightaway at the beginning of the month.

Venus, your love planet and the generic love planet is in your sign until the 7th. Love is happy and on your terms.

It seeks you out rather than vice versa. On the 7th Venus will move into your money house and starts to travel with Jupiter. The conjunction with Jupiter will be most exact from the 21st to the 23rd. This is a powerful period for both love and finance and brings a nice payday. More attention to health is needed from the 20th onwards. Make sure to get enough rest and enhance the health in the ways mentioned in the yearly report.

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January Scorpion devote to relatives. You will strengthen family ties, take care of the home and the atmosphere prevailing in it. Career will go down in the background.

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Revamp your physical health by sticking to good healthy habits. Your challenge during , Scorpio, is likely to be learning to switch focus between details and the bigger picture. What a pleasant year ahead you are going to have! With more work and greater responsibility comes a higher reward, of course, and April sees luxury-loving Venus shifting into your money zone. Finance Horoscope for Scorpios for the year predicts enough inflows to cover your spending and expenses.