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What’s Your Hindu Star Birthday?

Rasi , nakshatra and lagnam are Tamil astrology signs that corresponds to star sign , zodiac sign and ascendant. Rasi nakshatra are used for predicting the general character of an individual, also used during sankalpam, religious, traditional and special ceremonies like wedding, graha pravesam, etc.

அஸ்தம் நட்சத்திரம் குரு பெயர்ச்சி பலன்கள் 2019/20 - hastham natchathiram guru peryarchi 2019/20

Apart from astrological predictions, astrology signs are also used for spiritual and traditional events. During religious ceremonies, every individual is identified by name, nakshatram and rasi.

Hasta Nakshatra

Rashi and nakshatra by birth time, date and place is found from the information given in the panchangam for your birth place. Tamilsonline generates your local panchangam instantly and find your rasi natchathiram in tamil, online. Tamil astrology signs are divided into three categories, known as nakshatra birth star , rasi zodiac sign , and lagna ascendant sign.

Rasi nakshatra chart on the right column shows how each natchathiram and its patham is divided, and the rasi or zodiac house they occupy in our solar system. Rasi and nakshatra list or table are based on Tamil astrology system, known as sidereal zodiac system. In Tamil astrology, birth star table consists of twenty seven nakshatras or star signs.

List of nakshatra are as follows; ashwini, parani, kaarthikai, rohini, mirukaseeridam, thiruvaathirai, punarpoosam, poosam, aayiliyam, makam, pooram, uththiram, hastham, chiththirai, swaathi, visakam, anusham, kettai, moolam, pooraadam, uththiraadam, thiruvonam, avittam, chathayam, pooraddathi, uththiraddathi and revathi. Table of twelve rasis or zodiac signs in Tamil are mesham aries , rishabam taurus , mithunam gemini , kadakam cancer , simham leo , kanni virgo , thulam libra , viruchikam scorpio , thanu sagittarius , makaram capricorn , kumbam aquarius and meenam pisces.

Rasi nakshatra calculator based on Tamil astrology instantly finds your Tamil astrology signs such as nakshatra , rasi and lagnam; and also provides rasi palan and Tamil natchathiram palangal, free, online. With our online nakshatram, rasi and lagnam calculator, find out your rashi and nakshatra by birth in tamil, online.

They are transmitted in encrypted form and stored in our server during the entire session of your visit. No data will be forwarded to third parties. This website uses 1st and 3rd party cookies that enables you to use our services. By using our services, you agree to this. How Tamilsonline use your data is given in our " Privacy Policy ", that you accept by using our services. They are very reserved, shy people who find it difficult to talk about their inner thoughts or feelings with comparative strangers.

Hastham star name starting letter

They have very few enemies because of their quiet, gentle manner. Virgo is a sign of worry.

About Nakshatra:

The yoni porutham for marriage is determined by the affinity or animosity between the animals. Geolocation Below You can find the information on geolocation used for all calculations on the VedicTime by default. This is a mystical and secretive sign that is more sudden and forceful. It would enable you to face any challenging situation in life. Expected results would come true in the second part of the year. Some of you might get involved in temple renovation and related spiritual works where you would spend a considerable amount of money.

This tension can affect their health, causing intestinal disorders, skin eruptions, and ulcers. They need to develop a positive outlook on life, as this has a direct affect on their health. If they become too anxious about life, they can become hypochondriacs.

Nakshatra – Hasta

They are generally healthy and are always looking for new ways to take care of themselves. Their ruler ship over the sixth house causes them to feel that service to others is imperative. They do this willingly, thoroughly, and without fanfare. Virgo like all other zodiac signs, contains three Nakshatra or lunar mansion, which are two third of the Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra , entire Hasta Nakshatra and half of the Chitra Nakshatra.

You must analyze your feelings with honesty and "Heart to Higher self" communication. It is in this house your emotional body needs discipline in controlling your lower self, until you manifest in your higher self. The seeds of tolerance, humility, and emotional control must be planted and watered daily.

Rasi and nakshatra list in tamil

Male Natives of Hasta Nakshatra: Physical features: The native is tall and stout. He has a mixed complexion with short hands as compared to the body structure. Read Hasta nakshatra astrology prediction , lord, symbol, deity, nature, Nakshatra Finder / Calculator to Get Your FREE Nakshatra / Birth Star Report.

Virgo is the natural sixth house of the zodiac, thus it naturally rules overall health. It rules the digestive process. Virgo rules the pancreas, concerned with the proper release of pancreatic juices that will digest all kinds of foods. Virgo also rules the intestinal tract and the duodenum.


In addition, Virgo has co-rulership of the liver along with the planet Jupiter. Planets afflicted in Virgo can produce diabetic or hypoglycemic complaints as well as colitis and diarrhea. There is the possibility of poor assimilation of food. All occupation related to Mercury and the sixth house which has especial relationship to service, healing, pets and all mental work involving much detail and repetition.

If a person is born between 17th to 26th September, the Sun remains in the 1st Decan of Virgo ruled by Mercury. It denotes a quiet, reserved, retiring and receptive disposition.

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The path is strictly dependant on opportunities. He is orderly, critical, systematic and often self centered and is rarely understood on first acquaintance. It awakens the independence of the native and makes him practical and well adapted for all business pursuits. Wealth is acquired through industry, thrift and by adopting practical common sense methods in business organization. If a person is born between 7th to 16 October, the Sun remains in the 3rd Decan of Virgo ruled by Venus.

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It accentuates all the business and practical tendencies and adds intuition to the mental qualifications for acquiring wealth where financial enterprise is concerned. It affects the general disposition by adding determination. There is usually considerable artistic ability. The Virgo is the most helpful friend you'll ever have. They will help you work out at the gym every day, they will help you remember not to gorge on junk food, they will remind you to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and they are there to assist in the planning of the minute details of your life.

All this helpfulness might drive you batty. At the same time, if you ever actually do need something, Virgo will be right there for you.

General characteristics of Hasta Nakshatra

They give excellent advice and are fast on their feet in crisis situations. Their practical outlook will help you through the rough times, so long as you don't embarrass them with any big displays of emotion. If you can handle your Virgo buddy jumping up to do the dishes as soon as dinner is over, you will have a loyal and intelligent friend for a very long time. Virgo's nature makes for a reliable and steady sort who relishes the opportunity to be helpful to their partners. Those born under Virgo tends to strive for the perfect relationship.

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A relationship with a strong yet sensitive partner is one which guarantees success. The independent and never clingy Virgo may seem ultra-cool on the outside, but inside smolders a red-hot ravisher waiting to release potent charms on a deserving partner. A natural state for Virgo in love is to analyze the situation while exploring it deeply. This will show off the Virgo as steady, solid and far from a flirt.